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Fischer Food Grade, Seeds


Runnebohm Construction has completed multiple processing and warehouse projects for Fischer Food-Grade and Fischer Seeds over the years.

Fischer Food-Grade’s soybean processing facility incorporates over 30,000-sf of area for processing, bagging, palletizing, and storing. The processing facility features 60-ft tall high bays with two interior full-height partition walls and a penthouse that rises over seventy feet into the air. The building contains over 30,000-sf of interior liner panel and partition walls.

As part of the project, a number of large concrete pits were constructed for weigh-scales, material offloading, and grain distribution throughout the facility.

The latest project, in 2014, incorporated a 7,000-sf cornhouse that rose to over 74-ft tall and a warehouse addition that was 215-ft wide x 251-ft long.


  • High bays at multiple building projects
  • Food-grade construction
  • Large concrete pits throughout for various facility equipment