NTN Driveshaft Anderson

In partnership with construction manager Maeda Corporation, Runnebohm Construction served as general contractor for the new 403,000-SF facility in Anderson, Indiana.    read more


reNovo Orthopaedic Center
Shelbyville, Indiana

The reNovo Orthopaedics Center is a new 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art medical facility that combines Major Hospital’s Sports Medicine, SportWorks Rehabilitation Center, and Family Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Center (FORCE) practices under one roof. The building includes physician offices, x-ray and surgical rooms, a specially designed orthopedic pool with treadmill, and over 10,000 square feet of physical therapy space.


The building and site improvements were designed and constructed with numerous “green” features, including advanced lighting controls and significant daylight usage throughout the building, a reflective membrane roof, pervious concrete pavement, bio-swale stormwater detention, and electricity generating vertical wind turbines.







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